Taste Wheels is a not so big company driven by such a big love!

We do what we truly love. We skate and we spend time in the streets with our friends. Although we are from Italy, we don’t have access to Silvio’s money and we don’t have connections to the Mafia so you might not find us in any gossip magazines and you probably won’t see us on TV.

What we do have are wheels! Wheels that we hope will flat spot while you’re bombing hills and having the kind of fun that can only come from skateboarding. And while it’s true that all of the wheels will one day be flat spotted, the boards will be broken, and the shoes will eventually be tossed into the trash, the joyful Taste of the ride will always remain! Maybe we should have mentioned that our wheels are good too…but we got emotional. Skateboarding is about feelings after all!


Michele Pace


Lorenzo Silvestri


Raffaele Pola


Massimo Cristofoletti


Davide “Lerri” Frassine